March 9th, 2010

Look out, the Shalkovas are coming!

So it's my day off, and I'm supposed to go get stuff to make stuff but I wanted to not do anything for awhile.

And it's Tuesday maintenance day, thank you for being douchebags Blizzard, so I can't even do nothing while pretending to do something.

Hopefully Thomas will be back in two weeks when the plant shuts down for a week. Man, this entry is only a few lines long and it's already too vague. I should probably slam down a Rockstar or two before attempting to write.

I told my brother about me and Thomas, and after asking a series of questions (and declaring that an American guy building American cars is "The most American job there is!" and finding out about his football likes and dislikes) he's decided that he likes Thomas and can't wait to meet him. I also told him that we're moving in together and he didn't even seem slightly miffed by the idea. Sweet.

Speaking of my brother, he went to Arkansas for the funeral and was subjected to the redneck-fabulous of my family. Sigh.

And I was talking to Tyler just now and I've lost all the will I had to write about anything. Going to be numb somewhere else.