February 15th, 2010

Someone tie me down

... because I'm going to float away. I am awesome. I am cliche. I am Raini.

Thomas arrived super late at my place on Friday. Bucket wasn't feeling well so she said hi and went to crash.

He's just... wonderful. He's quiet, but he's extremely intelligent and he loves my dog. He brought me his copy of his second-favorite book (well-loved book gifts. I swoon.) as he's re-reading his actual favorite book again.

Aside from my last bit of work yesterday, we spent the weekend playing video games, cuddling, playing with the dog and watching movies. I made him watch True Romance :)

My thoughts are disjointed right now. Not nearly enough caffeine in my system. Suffice it to say, happy Raini is happy... and I'm nuzzled and cuddled and kissed enough to last till I get to see him again next week. Hopefully.

And now I rejoin the world of warcraft the living.

Meghan. If I had one wish right now, it would be that you could fly up here just for tomorrow's wings and beer nite. They're the best nites v_v
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