February 8th, 2010

Pehaps there will be MORE SNOW

In Ohio? Never.

Note - for those of you who weren't aware, Home Depot is fucking huge. And the thermostats, for whatever reason, are in the plumbing department. Helpful hint.

I liked today just fine, despite the severe lack of Thomas communication. Employment really cuts into my social life. There's a really sweet girl who got hired with me named Barb, who I like a lot. She and I have sort of unofficially claimed one another as training partners. Oddly enough we got hired on the same day and went to the drug testing facility at the same time. We bonded.

My dad told me he wants to start his own ministry and wants a crown logo, and has asked for my help. I'm sure here in about fifteen minutes I'll be staring blankly at photoshop, my mind racing with everything else in the world except trying to make this thing.

*sends him an image of a burger king crown*

I think maybe I'll pick up my guitar. Actually scratch that, Bucket is home to hear me suck. When I'm alone this week, I'll pick up my guitar.

*gets a text from Thomas saying he wants to work on my car*

There's nothing wrong with my car, but still. Rawr. He's supposed to teach me how to change my oil, which you know... YAY :D I'm excited to learn. I also think it's important to note that I feel less of a mess with Thomas around. I feel almost normal. I had this horrible moment of absolute panic last nite when I thought he was going to step aside for Tyler.

Everytime I talk to Tyler it winds up being the same "I want to be with you, I love you." conversation. From his end. On my end it's "You broke my heart and I want you to be exceptionally happy, but not with me." And round and round we go, and every time it happens it knocks me back. I feel sorry for him. I feel sorry that I can't do what he wants to make him happy.

So we press on! I am overwrought and understimulated. I think perhaps a book.
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