February 7th, 2010

Apples to apples...

I did not remember to post to-day until just now.

I was supposed to drive to Toledo this morning for training, but lo and behold my parking lot was two feet deep in snow. Sadface, I was kind of excited. So I called in and talked to little old lady manager de jour, Miss Dawn, and she sounded so resigned. I bet I wasn't the first person to call and be like FLAIL DAWN THERE IS SNOW WTF.

So this may change my Monday/Tuesday schedule (pronounced shedule, because I found it appropriate. If you read it with the hard c sound, go back and re-read it the way I intended!) but will hopefully not interfere with Thomas getting his tax return and coming to see me a week early. And also, the following week, because I.am.greedy.

Speaking of tax returns, I need to find out from that nice guy I used to be married to where ours is. I have twelve bucks in my checking account, and the ale I love so much is moar than that. So now I'm faced with the prospect of drinking one of those tiny bottles of Hypnotiq on our kitchen table that Bucket brought home last week. Daunting. All I can think of is Lauren drinking that big bottle all alone, rushing her to the hospital, and listening to her speak to the nurse in Hebrew to intentionally confuse her.

However, if I had some cognac I could make a Hulk *enrages, turns green, lives out that whole scenario Tyler told me about where Hulk beats up every superhero in the world*

Hey future Raini, pay your electric bill. It's only twenty six bucks, what's the holdup?

So tonite I went snow diving with Alex and Bucket. I made my first ever snow angel. I froze and got soaked and my cheeks got all red and we had hot chocolate and watched Project Runway (as is our weekly custom) and had just a really, really good nite. Now I'm thinking of it, I believe my time here in Ohio has been the best time of my life. There's all the good and bad that's happened with it, but having friends like Bucket and Alex have really and truly saved me. I know I would suck so much more without them.

Also note-worthy, I have been accused of being a cougar. Look, you bitches, I am no cougar. Maybe Thomas is younger than me, and perhaps Tyler was younger still but I can't HELP IT. I'm not seeking them out, they flock to me. I could be like Fuzzy and nomming every 17 year old that steps in my path (kidding, I love you Fuzzy) but I'm taking the high road. Sort of.

You know what? I'm digging my own hole and I'd prefer to salvage this, so I am going to bed.
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