February 4th, 2010

So though I can't imagine how, I hope you're happy right now

Strangely, everytime I think Thomas is going to say something bad, it always ends up being really good. I'm unsure if this constant surprise is a testimony to his awesome or my downward spiral into pessimism.

He loves me.

All I can think of is the movie True Romance. If you haven't seen it, do so. Go ahead. I'll wait.


Wasn't that fuckin awesome??? I wonder if this very sudden leap into... this with Thomas will lead to zany stolen drug-related adventure, a la mister Tarantino.

Also - WTF, Tyler. Telling Leah off for checking on me? Come on. Bad dog.
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So then...

I panic, because I give Thomas my LJ name *waves a little* and then wonder if I've written enough about him to be acceptable.

So in case all of you missed the memo, if Thomas were Ganon and I were Zelda, I'd ditch Link for him.
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