February 3rd, 2010


So. Bdubs. As is mine, Bucket and Alex's weekly ritual, we go for wings and beer.

I sample something called a Castleberry... Newcastle, Apple Pucker and strawberry puree all mixed into one delicious drink. Of course, we are naturally suspicious. But being the daredevil, ridiculous creature that I am I took a gamble. And oh my god did it pay off. I had a few. Just a few.

And a few Castleberries into this evening, plus twelve delicious mildly spicy wings and some onion rings of course... I am convinced more than ever that I am correct in my caution-less risk with sweet Thomas. But of course, two daiquiris DID convince Bucket that it would be a great idea to tell the waitress that Alex found her "enchanting", so I may not have any basis for this in the least, and I'll get up tomorrow cotton-mouthed and going *facepalm* "Raini, why did you have to write about this?"

Sometimes I flip through the texts we send throughout the day (Note to sober Raini: Get the unlimited text messaging. Even drunk Raini can do math, dumbass) and seeing "I'm going to bed, but I want to hear you voice. Can I persuade you to leave me a voicemail?" makes our dear, suckered, attention-starved heroine weak in the knees.

Suckered. It sounds so bad but it feels so good. It's not even a bad thing. He wouldn't ever, ever do anything to me. I believed him when he said that, more than anyone else who's ever told me anything similar.

Fast, but hey. I never imagined I'd live to be old. And I truly believe this is a risk I was meant to take. I took a lesson from Castleberry.

Cheers, guys. Here we go.
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:D :) :| :( >:(

So first off, thank you for the reminder drunk Raini. Done.

I've been as productive as I can be at this point, today. I've been struggling with my FAFSA a lot, but when your financial aid adviser is NEVER AT HER DESK, there can be problems.

I looked for my high school diploma, and all I found was the fake one they hand you when you cross the stage. Of course that would be the one I kept in a semi-logical place. I bet if I took a picture of it and sent it to CHIC they'd be satisfied with that. Eyeroll.

So I do some laundry and take a picture of my cat to send to Thomas so he knows who the man of the house is, in all reality. I'm scrambling to hang up shirts before they get wrinkled, because we all know how I feel about wrinkled clothes (and if you don't... I hate wrinkled clothes. In case you needed that spelled out.) when I decide to sign on to AIM and lo and behold, there is Tyler IMing me.


So, I tell him I'm sorry for being so callous with him, because I realized that's what I would have done a year ago and I don't want to go back and be that woman. Not ever again. And that I shouldn't have been so harsh but as far as seeing a possibility that we'd ever be more than friends... I didn't think it was there. And that blossomed into a pretty nice conversation.

(Caution: extreme nerd moment)
Until he started talking about disbanding the guild just because he didn't want it there anymore. Our guild is large-ish, and thriving. We have a big bank, tons of gold, we're rocking out the top raid in the game almost as well as anyone else on the server. We're a happy guild. I offered to take over leadership, as I have in the past when he gets tired of the toys he's played with too long, and he was like "Nah. I'm leaving the game when my time runs out and that guild will be a piece of me tied there that I don't want there anymore."

Translation: Selfish prick who can't get over the things he's done, so he's going to cut his reminders loose, no matter the cost to anyone else.

He told me he'd give me and Alex the money from the guild bank and the stuff so we could start a new guild. It's so retarded, there's just no reason for it. Bank tabs are expensive. We have everything we need. Fuck that, even if we did start it over, I'd give the guild the same name just to annoy Tyler.

(Nerd moment over)

So after this fight, where he says he'll think about it, I'm annoyed enough that I'm just done talking to him. I start in on my financial aid stuff and have a question, waiting for little miss Ashley to call me back, and I go to steam some veggies for lunch (omnomnomnom), and I come back to this IM from Tyler:

"You keep working, but... I wanted to say, I've never been with someone for Valentine's Day, and you already had an unfinished valentine in the making, so I'm going to give it to you anyways, unless I hate it... good chance for that."

Really. REALLY?! Come on now. If you're to make one for me, you have to make one for the girl you screwed around with behind my back too. Let's not leave precious Leah out. And as long as we're keeping this going, make one for Thomas, since he's the one who's picking up the pieces of me you kicked around. Ass.

*clicks off Murder for Breakfast* *is instantly excited by Get Rhythm* This may be my new favorite song. I'd forgotten all about it, despite my lifelong Cash-ness.

So, now whilst I wait for CHIC to return my calls, I think I'll go to Alex's to soothe his beastly I KILL MY COMPUTER-ness I can feel radiating from across the courtyard. Maybe talk to Thomas for a little bit on the phone. Get sidelong eyerolls from my favoritest midwesterner.

Life in Ohio is good.
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